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Lakers Rookie Brandon Ingram Bought His Parents A New House

By Ryan Mayer

Rookies in any professional sport find themselves in a unique position that many other young people don't find themselves in after signing their first professional contract. They're flush with more cash than many of them have ever seen before. These freshly made millionaires have to decide what to do with all of that money and many make big purchases.

For Los Angeles Lakers rookie Brandon Ingram, that big purchase was apparently a new house for his mother and father according to a piece by The site asked five first round picks what their biggest purchase would be or what is was and Ingram's reasoning for why he decided to buy mom and dad a new house is pretty great.

"It was something I've always dreamed of. [My parents] provided so much for me, it was just a no-brainer. You always think about giving back to your family so, knowing that they did so much for me, I had to give back to them."

Seems like the Lakers rookie certainly has his heart in the right place.

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