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LA Cracks Down On Drivers Parking On Sidewalks

KOREATOWN ( — Looking for an overnight parking spot in busy Koreatown? Good luck.

As of Monday there is a new city-wide crackdown on sidewalk parkers.

Cars routinely park up on parkways -- the sometimes grassy zones between the curb and the sidewalk.

"You see it everyday. I've done it," says Koreatown resident Jay Williams. "I've driven around for like a half-hour just looking for a parking spot and at that point it's like 'oh well, I guess it's the sidewalk.' "

Parking enforcement could leave tickets of $68 for violating the new ordinance.

"It's not fair," says Koreatown resident Curtis Schultz. "If there's no parking in general where else are people supposed to park?"

The city argues it's an eyesore and that sidewalks need to be accessible to the handicapped. Also, workers need to be able to get to underground utilities.

There had been a five-year moratorium on enforcement, but not anymore.

The city says it will issue a warning if the driver is present. Otherwise you may get a ticket.

Some of the people who live in Koreatown say that ticketing is not the answer.

"Build a parking structure. If you build a parking structure and we pay monthly parking," says Koreatown resident James Green. "Whoever is the genius to do that, they'd make a lot of money."

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