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'I Need Them To Pay;' El Sereno Family Demands Justice Following Death Of Son In September CHP Officer-Involved-Shooting

EL SERENO (CBSLA) — The family of Leo Chavez, the 24-year-old El Sereno man who was fatally shot by California Highway Patrol officers in September, is demanding justice after months of no new information in the investigation.

"I need them to pay," said Chavez's mother, Martiza Padilla, "I want to go to court and see him face-to-face and let him know he killed my life."

Chavez's family alleges that they aren't getting any help from the investigators at the Department of Justice due to the fact that the person who pulled the trigger that killed Leo was a CHP officer.

In already released dashcam video, a CHP cruiser can be seen arriving to the scene of an accident that involved Chavez. As officers approach him, a small scuffle ensues before he ultimately puts his hands up. At this point, the officers can be seen backing away from Chavez, who continues to advance on the officers, when the shots were fired.

Despite a promise of investigation from the Attorney General, Chavez's family claims that months have passed without any additional information.

"This was a murder, and we are demanding a prosecution of this case begin immediately," said the family's attorney Humerto Guizar on Thursday, as he and members of Chavez's family gathered outside of the Department of Justice in Los Angeles. "We know they are investigating, but they haven't filed any charges yet. That's ridiculous it's been three months," he continued.

The family continued to explain how they haven't even been told the name of the officer who was involved in the shooting, though they have been informed that he is no longer working in the field.

Back in September, Chavez's family made it clear that he was unarmed when the incident occurred. Guizar was quoted then, stating that Chavez was "shot in cold blood."

While they continue to fight for justice, the Chavez family wants to make sure Leo isn't forgotten.

"He damaged my whole family, he damaged me. It's not the same no more," said Padilla, "It's hard to cope sometimes. I need him to pay for what he did to my son."

"My brother didn't deserve to be murdered like that in the street. ... He was my best friend, my everything," said Chavez's brother Jesus.

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