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How To Save Your Dough


'Tis the season of going broke because you have to show all of your loved ones just how much you care by giving them material items… Luckily we're here to show you how to provide for the one who really counts (you) when you're short on cash. Take a look at these awesome seasonal deals to not only save on products up to 66% off right now, but also on products that'll help you save your money over time.

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Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon

Double Edge Safety Razor
Price: Was $99.95 Now $33.95
Buy Here

Movember is over. This means it's time to clean up those faces boys! To help you do this is the Double Edge Safety Razor from Shaveology. Not only will you save over 65% right now, but you'll also save in the long run. How is this possible? Well, because you get to toss out those pricey razor cartridges and get an amazing shave that'll last even longer. So basically it's a win win for everyone. Bust mostly for your girlfriend who will thank us for reducing her horrible lip burn.

Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon

iPhone 6 Case, Verus Special Edition Wallet Case
Price: Was $59.99 Now $23.99
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Is there anything more annoying than stopping to try to remember if you have all of your belongings? Stop worrying about this, and grab the all in one wallet and phone case. The 4.7" iPhone 6 leather wallet case from Versus, provides convenient storage space for ID's, credit cards and cash. And it's not only totally convenient, but since it comes in red, black and brown leather you'll look smart and stylish (which we know is difficult for you) all at the same time. Grab it now to start saving time and money (ya know, since it's $36 off right now!).

Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon

W&P Barrel-aged Spirits Kit
Price: $19.95
Buy Here

Wished you could add a little zing to that vodka, but don't want to pay the big bucks for a custom drink? With the W&P Barrel-aged Spirits Kit you no longer have to spend your life's savings for a delicious drink. With this little kit you can add oak and spice flavors to even your discount vodka and gin. Just add one stave (2 are included) to any 375ML bottle, for up to 20 days, strain (with included cheesecloth) and start feeling like a boss once again.

Photo Credit: Amazon Photo Credit: Amazon

Dreams Money Saving BanClock cube
Price: $86.00
Buy Here

Saving money is probably the least fun thing to do... well, after working a 22 hour day and breaking up with your psycho girlfriend… But save you must if you want an awesome vacay or new car. Lucky for you, the Dream Money-Saving BanClock is here to keep your savings on track. This great box, which comes in five different colors, works as a clock and bank. Just set the alarm and this bank/clock won't shut up until you deposit some coin. No need to thank us, just be sure to send us a good souvenir from your travels.

By Amanda Blum

Amanda Blum writes and edits E.S.P. Eat. See. Play. lifestyle content for Los Angeles.
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