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Houston, We Have A Problem: LAPD Nabs 2 Jugging Suspects Who Hail From Texas

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA)   -- The LAPD has announced the arrest of two jugging suspects.

And police said the suspects hail from Houston.

Jugging is a growing crime that targets customers who have just left a bank or ATM with a large amount of cash.

The jugging suspect or suspects following the unsuspecting bank customer to another location and then steal the money out of the car if the driver should make another stop.

"Most incidents occur on non-bank property.. typically outside retail or commercial businesses," says LAPD Lt. Carlos Solano.

CBS2's Hermela Aregawi reported that the LAPD arrested Davian Lockhart and Christopher Curry on Friday. Both men hail from Houston.

Authorities believe the duo is responsible for dozens of jugging burglaries across Southern California.

Detectives allegedly watched the two suspect as they followed a Rolls-Royce from a bank of America on Ventura Boulevard in Encino to a health center in Sherman Oaks.

"After the vehicle was parked and unoccupied, the suspects smashed the front passenger window and pried the door of the Rolls-Royce to gain entry," says Solano.

Jugging at Thousand Oaks bank
(credit: Thousand Oaks Police)

Police followed the men and after they were stopped their car was searched. Officials said they found $21,000 -- most of it from the Rolls.

"All too often,, customers leave the envelope in the car with large amounts of cash in it," says Solano.

Investigators told Aregawi that the suspects in this case are probably only two of more than 100 people they believe have flown to LA to commit similar jugging burglaries.

Just last week, KCAL9 showed video surveillance footage of a jugging incident in Thousand Oaks.

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Police believe the criminals drive or fly to this area, stay in hotels, and drive rental cars around in search of bank customers who may not secure large sums of money in their cars.

The LAPD told Aregawi they are working with police in Houston and have determined a lot of these suspects -- for whatever reason -- are based in Texas.

Officials also add the jugging suspects are working together and targeting about 17 states.


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