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High-Definition Panorama Taken By Mars Rover Perseverance Shows Crater Rim, Cliff Face Of Ancient River Delta

PASADENA (CBSLA) — NASA's Mars rover, Perseverance, has beamed back a high-definition panoramic image of the Red Planet, the first since touching down on Feb. 18.

The 360-degree panorama was beamed back to Earth by the rover's Mastcam-Z instrument. It was stitched together from 142 images and reveals the crater rim and cliff face of an ancient river delta in the distance, according to NASA.

The Mastcam-Z is dual-camera system capable of zooming in, focusing, taking high-definition video, and capturing panoramic color and 3D images.

Perseverance's cameras will help scientists back on Earth assess the geologic history and atmospheric conditions of Mars' Jezero Crater. They will also assist in identifying rocks and sediment that warrant a closer look by the rover's other instruments or a trip to Earth for closer examination.

The panoramic image is just the second taken by the rover, which captured another panorama on Feb. 20 with its Navcams on its mast.

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