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Heartsick Hacienda Heights Family Pleads For Safe Return Of Stolen Macaw: 'He's Part Of Our Family'

HACIENDA HEIGHTS (CBSLA) -- A Hacienda Heights man is pleading with the thief who stole his beloved pet macaw to please return the bird.

Mario Cifuentes has been heartbroken since he saw security video of his 5-year-old Baby stolen from his yard.

"It's our Baby bird. We love him and we miss him a lot," Cifuentes told CBS2/KCAL9's Joy Benedict.

The video is hard for Cifuentes to watch. Baby was sitting on top of his cage when a man walks onto Cifuentes' property and steals him.

"In the beginning, we thought maybe a cat or dog got him," Cifuentes says.

When the family woke up Sunday morning the parrot was missing. And when they checked their outside security cameras they realized the worst.

"We are hoping we can get him back safe and uninjured," Cifuentes says.

Especially since the burglar appears to use a bag or cloth to snatch him grabbing him by his feet.

"We saw how brutal he was trying to catch him," he says.

Baby  lived under the car port. Most often, he was in a cage that now sits empty -- he was surrounded by greenery and other birds who make a home here. But unlike the other birds, Baby doesn't fly. That is why he couldn't to get away from his captor

The theft has left them mad.

"All our family, is angry about it," Cifuentes says.

But he says they are putting their anger aside, and hoping the bird napper just gives Baby back.

"We feel like [he] is a part of our family," Cifuentes says.

So if you have seen Baby -- who was wearing an ID cuff when he was taken -- you are asked to call the police.

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