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Hazardous Materials, Cables Force Cal Trans To Delay Opening Of 60 Freeway

MONTEBELLO (CBS) — Plans to reopen the Pomona Freeway Friday night after a fiery tanker crash damaged an overpass Wednesday have been scrapped, according to Cal Trans.

While demolishing the damaged Paramount overpass Thursday night, crews came across cable and tubing that could contain potentially hazardous materials.

"This is an old bridge that was built in the 60s. So kinda like an old house, you come across thing that could be hazardous. We're not sure what it is, but we are going to treat it like it is hazardous material," said Patrick Chandler of Cal Trans. "We're gonna submit the proper paperwork with the proper regulatory agencies and then we're gonna be able to proceed on."

Workers also discovered an AT&T fiber-optic line running through the Paramount overpass that was damaged by the tanker fire. Cutting the line would disconnect local phone service.

Officials originally hoped to open the 60 Freeway in both directions by noon Friday.

Cal Trans announced Friday afternoon that "midday Saturday" was the projected opening time to open the 60 Freeway. Officials did not release an exact time.



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