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Guns? Bullying? Brawls? Parents Have Tough Questions For Moreno Valley School Officials

MORENO VALLEY (CBSLA)  -- A student was found with two loaded guns in his car Friday at Vista del Lago High School.

This follows two students at Landmark Middle School punching out a classmate and leaving the 13-year-old victim fighting for his life.

Students and parents have complained about bullying, they say for a long time, and add that nothing has been done to prevent it.

The Moreno Valley Unified School District has recently had a lot to answer for.

CBS2/KCAL9's Nicole Comstock spoke to students and parents Friday evening who were not happy with some of those answers.

Deputies found the aforementioned guns Friday after the unidentified student posted a photo of a gun on social media.

"Dangerous. Very concerned as a parent, as a father," says parent Jay Jackson.

"It is scary to know that something bad can happen," says parent Reyna Patina.

Comstock spoke to several parents who said they were thankful to law enforcement for stopping a tragedy before it could happen.

Investigators told Comstock the 17-year-old student who owned the two guns never made any threats of violence online.

Still, parents believe the district could be doing more.

"Getting these problems solved a little quicker and actually preventing them," says Jackson.

"They're not, they're waiting for situations like this to happen, or even something worse," says Patina.

The Moreno Valley Unified School District issued a statement that said, in part, "We are proud to know our students followed the 'see something ,say something' protocol and came to let us know something was going on so we could follow up and ensure safety."

They added, "We notified our parents and reminded them to make sure children understand - no weapons should ever be taken on campus."

Some children think it's not them who don't understand.

"I feel like the school fails to get that information out," says senior Rosemary Garcia.

She said district leaders don't talk to students enough She remembers only once a year -- and it was about respecting each other and reporting potential problems.

"Especially at Landmark," says Rosemary.

She is referring, of course, to the viral video showing 13-year-old Diego getting punched out by two alleged bullies.

His family says they reported the bullying to the school about a week before Diego was attacked.

Many Comstock spoke to feel there's a larger problem in Moreno Valley schools.

"I truly feel like the district and our schools and staff are failing at doing a lot of jobs," said Rosemary.

In a letter to parents, the district reminded them that Vista del Lago was a safe campus and if they all worked together they could keep it that way.

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