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Four suspects arrested for string of burglaries in Glendale

Glendale police arrest four suspects for a string of burglaries
Glendale police arrest four suspects for a string of burglaries 01:30

Police believe at least 11 businesses were hit in a string of burglaries early Tuesday morning in Glendale.

According to the Glendale Police Department, officers were called to the 6000 block of San Fernando Road around 3 a.m. where at least three businesses were broken into. As officers were investigating the scene, another report came in for more burglaries happening in the area. 

The burglaries were reported at four different strip malls in the area. The business broken into include, Taron Bakery and Golden Grain Bake House and Cafe located on South Glendale Avenue, Maksen Cake House, Lucy's Beauty Boutique and a souvenir shop on South Central Glendale Avenue, Sushi Corner, XO Cafe and Pho Hot on San Fernando Road, and Karina's Hair Cutter, Glendale Cafe, Dominoes Pizza, Aria Meat and Rafi's on West Glenoaks Boulevard.

The suspects were described as four men in dark clothing, wearing masks and they were armed with crowbars. 

Glendale police were able to catch up to the suspects near Glenoaks Boulevard and Newby Street after the suspect's vehicle crashed into another officer's vehicle.

One officer received minor injuries from the crash. 

All four suspects were taken into custody and face multiple counts of burglary along with assault on a police officer. 

Authorities said the suspects caused thousands of dollars in damages and stole thousands of dollars in merchandise.

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