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Fontana Police Train With Simulator To Experience Intensity Of Real-Life Situations

FONTANA ( — Fontana Police have begun training with a simulator, putting officers into intense, real-life scenarios they may found out in the field.

The interactive training module, which includes a simulated office shooting, is designed to let trainees experience the emotion, tension, and magnitude of realistic situations.

The simulator, which is projected on a screen and is shot from a first-person viewpoint, walks the officer through the scene as he or she has their weapon drawn, delivers instructions to civilians, and goes through the response.

"They are real-life scenarios that have come from different experiences that officers have gone through," officer Brad Guith said.

Additionally, officers have the opportunity to train with a variety of different weapons, and practice their responses in the use of non-deadly force, including the X-26 Tasergun.

In one simulated scenario, officer Guith demonstrated the use of the taser on a man who was uncooperative and was becoming gradually aggressive.

Another aspect of the simulator is vehicular training. Officers get to train behind the wheel, as the simulator sets up realistic scenarios that have happened, or will likely happen, when the officer is behind the wheel of a cruiser.

"I need to be aware of everything going on around me as I pull up to the (traffic) stop," officer Guith said.

The simulation exercises come to the department as part of a state grant, and officers explain that it is helping to save lives.

"I can't stress enough how valuable training is."


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