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Family of Nicole Linton, nurse charged for deadly Windsor Hills crash, speaks out for first time

Family of Nicole Linton, nurse charged for fiery crash that killed six, opens up for first time
Family of Nicole Linton, nurse charged for fiery crash that killed six, opens up for first time 03:11

For the first time since the fatal crash in Windsor Hills that killed six people more than a month ago, the family of the suspect is speaking out. 

Nicole Linton, a 37-year-old traveling nurse, has been charged with six counts of murder and five counts of vehicular manslaughter for the crash, after she barreled through an intersection at 130 miles per hour on Aug. 4., killing five people and an unborn baby.

On a recently published website titled "Nicole's Story - #Let'sTalkAboutMentalHealth" her older sister Camille details her family's thoughts on the collision and offers an insight into who her sister is. She also hopes that her sister is being treated fairly both in the public's eyes, and by the legal system.

"For the past 6 weeks, we chose to remain silent out of our deepest respect and sympathy for the victim's families and allow the facts to come out through the court proceedings," the website reads, before sharing additional thoughts of remorse for the victims. "I understand and acknowledge the pain, anger, frustration, and sadness that so many are feeling. I understand and acknowledge how vulnerable people must feel that something like this could happen in such a random way to people who were just going about their day and that their lives were cut short in an instant."

She acknowledges the fact that she doesn't want any of the families to think that she's trying to absolve her younger sister of accountability in the crash, but instead hopes that "whatever the rule of law is for situations like this, is applied fairly."

The site, which contains six pages of information on Linton's upbringing, battles with mental health, a detailed account of her family interactions on the day of the crash and more, also offers people a chance to contact the Linton family with any questions they may have. 

She claims to have gotten a call about four minutes before the collision occurred. 

"When I see that video, I don't see Nicole driving...I see her mental illness driving. Something must've happened that caused her to completely disassociate with reality," she said.

According to Camille, Nicole's first manic episode was in 2018, something which she and her family believe can be attributed to the struggles that she had as a traveling nurse and the stress that came along with it, as well as her transition to life in America after moving from Jamaica when she was 10.

"What people must understand is that over 90% of our interaction with Nicole has been 'normal' and even when she is manic, it has never been anything that would cause us to believe she was a danger to herself or other people," the website said. "Not once in the past 4 years was I ever worried that something like what happened on August 4th could happen."

A memorial remains at the scene of the tragedy, with flowers, candles and messages for the victims of the crash, including Asherey Ryan, her unborn baby, her 11-month-old child Allonzo, and her boyfriend.

CBS reporters reached out to the families of the victims, one of which said that the site is "disturbing."

Linton remains behind bars after having her request for bail denied by a judge.

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