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Elderly Woman Injured In Unprovoked Koreatown Attack

KOREATOWN (CBSLA) — A woman is pleading for help Monday to find the man who attacked her 85-year-old grandmother as she walked in Koreatown for no apparent reason.

Mi Reum, just a few days from her 86th birthday, was walking near Hannam market on Olympic Boulevard and Vermont Avenue in Koreatown at about 2 p.m. Saturday when someone came up from behind her and hit her in the head.

Reum's granddaughter posted a photo of her grandmother, who she said had fallen from the impact of the attack and split her head open. The photo shows Reum with two black eyes, scrapes and scabs to the bridge of her nose and forehead, and she is wearing a bandage around her head.

"She told me to let this go because she wants to forgive the man that did this but I can not and I am livid," Yujin Audrey Ko wrote on Facebook.

Officials from LAPD's Olympic station confirmed they are searching for a suspect in the attack, which they believe was random. Reum was not robbed and nothing was said to her prior to the attack.

Ko said there were several witnesses who helped her grandmother immediately after the attack, and asked them to come forward and share the image of her injured grandmother in an effort to help catch the attacker.

The suspect was described only as a middle-aged Hispanic man in black clothing.

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