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Donor Mother Hears Son's Beating Heart Inside Little Girl Whose Life He Saved

GLENDORA ( — One mother's tragic loss has turned into a lifesaving gift for another.

Heather Clark of Glendora made the decision to donate her baby's organs after her son was left brain dead in June of 2013.

Clark was 22 at the time and her dreams had been shattered when investigators allege Lukas was abused by a babysitter's boyfriend who is currently awaiting trial. He faces 25 years to life in prison, if convicted.

The 7-month-old was left brain dead.


"My whole world is gone. My whole world is just changed. Like it changed becoming a mother, it was ripped away from me," she said.

In the midst of her indescribable grief, Clark donated Lukas' liver, kidneys and his heart.

This weekend, after more than two years of waiting, Clark heard her son's beating heart inside 4-year-old Jordan Drake, who was born with a heart defect.

"He was as close to me then as he was ever going to get," she said.

During their emotional meeting, Jordan handed Clark a teddy bear.

Inside the bear, a recording of the heartbeat.

Clark spent the weekend with Jordan and her family at their home in Phoenix.

"It's so exciting to see that exactly what I would picture Lukas to be today, that's Jordan," she said.

Video of Clark meeting Jordan has now gone viral.

Advocates for organ donation say it's a testament to the selfless gift.

Viral Moment
(credit: Donate Life Phoenix)

"It is remarkable to me that the vast majority of families that can donate at the time they've lost a child do in fact choose to do so," said Tom Mone of One Legacy, which is a transplant donor network that serves Southern California.

Clark is now home in Glendora where she proudly displays Lukas' pictures and toys. She said Lukas wasn't the typical newborn as he rarely cried and didn't keep her up at night.

"I saw Lukas was the dream child for a first mother," Clark said. "It just felt like a dream come true."

She wants the world to know this about her son:

"That he saved people. That he did more in his short life that I can ever do," she said.

For more information on organ donation, click here.

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