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Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer sued by woman who accused him of sexual assault

Dodgers pitcher Trevor Bauer finds himself in the center of yet another legal battle after having sexual assault allegations filed against him on Tuesday. 

Bauer, who was recently suspended by Major League Baseball for 324 games after being found to have violated the league's Joint Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Policy, was cleared of criminal charges in Feb. by Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office, who cited a lack of evidence. 

The lawsuit, brought by the same woman who initially accused Bauer of sexual assault, alleges that Bauer both beat and sexually abused her during the course of their brief relationship. 

In response to the dropped charges, Bauer sued The Athletic, Deadspin and sports journalist Molly Knight, who writes for The Athletic, for defamation. He also sued the woman who brought the accusations to the public spotlight

The woman's counterclaim alleges that Bauer punched and choked her on two separate occasions during sex in 2021. He has denied these allegations, claiming that the relationship was consensual and often involved "rough sex."

Her lawsuit continues to state that her "life has been turned into a nightmare by a powerful man who mercilessly battered her and counted on facing no consequences whatsoever for his despicable conduct."

As the investigation into matters continued, two additional women came forward with separate allegations of abuse at Bauer's hands. 

He was placed on administrative leave on July 2021, just months after signing a three-year deal worth $102 million with the Dodgers. By the time his suspension is supposed to end, Bauer's contract will have expired. He has since appealed the suspension

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