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Dodger Stadium Guide

(Photo by Stephen Dunn/Getty Images)

With its picturesque setting nestled at Chavez Ravine, Dodger Stadium has withstood the test of time to remain one of the most breathtaking venues to watch an event. Its massive 56,000 seating capacity is tops in baseball and in 2014, the Dodgers led all of baseball in attendance.
Dodger Stadium
1000 Elysian Park Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(323) 224-1507

Located adjacent to Downtown LA, Dodger Stadium sits within an area named Chavez Ravine, named for Julian Chavez, a Los Angeles councilman in the 19th century.

How To Get There
Los Angeles Dodgers v Colorado Rockies
(credit: Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

The options are plenty for taking the Metro to the stadium. The Metro offers two convenient locations to connect with the Stadium Express also - Union Station or the South Bay. Not only will you avoid the countless hours sitting in traffic, but you'll help reduce air pollution and your same-day Dodger ticket is good for the fare. To plan the route that's best for you, call (323) GO METRO.

If you're planning on getting to the game by car, there are a variety of different ways to get to the stadium. Depending on where you're coming from, these directions will help you get there fast so you can make it just in time to enjoy a Dodger Dog for the first pitch!

  • From The Westside - Take the 10 Freeway East (towards Los Angeles). Merge onto the 110 Freeway North (toward Pasadena). Take the Dodger Stadium Exit. Continue going straight off the freeway ramp and enter the Downtown Gate
  • From The South Bay - Take the 405 Freeway North (towards Santa Monica), and merge onto the 105 Freeway East (towards Norwalk). From there, merge onto the 110 Freeway North (towards Los Angeles) and take the Dodger Stadium Exit. Continue straight and enter the Stadium through the Downtown Gate.
  • From Hollywood - Take the 101 Freeway South. Exit Alvarado Street and make a left onto Alvarado Street. Turn right onto Sunset Blvd, and go approximately one mile until you'll turn left onto Elysian Park Avenue. Enter the Stadium through the Sunset Gate.
  • From Pasadena - Take the 110 Freeway South. Take the Dodger Stadium Exit. Continue straight off the freeway ramp and enter the Stadium through the Downtown Gate.
  • From Downtown LA - Get on the 110 Freeway North. Take the Dodger Stadium Exit and continue straight off the freeway ramp. Enter the Downtown Gate.
  • From Orange County / San Gabriel Valley or San Diego - Take the 5 Freeway North. Exit Stadium Way and turn left onto Riverside Drive. Turn left onto Stadium Way. Turn left onto Academy Drive. Enter the Golden State Gate - or - make another left onto Academy Drive to enter the Academy Gate.
  • From San Gabriel Valley From The 10 Freeway West - Take the 10 Freeway West. Merge onto the 5 Freeway North. Take the Stadium Way exit and turn left onto Riverside Drive. Take a left onto Stadium Way. Turn left onto Academy Drive. Enter the Golden State Gate.
  • From The San Fernando Valley / Burbank / Pasadena / Glendale - Take the 5 Freeway Southbound. Exit Stadium Way. Make a left on Stadium Way. Left onto Academy Drive. Enter the Golden State Gate to enter the Stadium.
  • From East Of The Stadium Via Surface Streets - Go West on Broadway. Turn right onto Bishops Road (road curves), and take a right to enter the Downtown Gate.
  • From West Of The Stadium Via Surface Streets - Go East on Sunset Boulevard. Take Sunset until you hit Elysian Park Avenue and make a left. Enter the Sunset Gate.
  • From LAX Airport - Go South on Sepulveda Boulevard. Turn onto the 105 Freeway Eastbound (towards Norwalk). Merge onto the 110 Freeway North (towards Los Angeles). Take the Dodger Stadium Exit. Continue off the freeway and enter the Downtown Gate.

Driving Tips

  • Most cars come up Stadium Way via the 1-5, so expect long waits getting off the freeway and climbing up the hill towards the stadium.
  • I-5 tip: To avoid the traffic jam at the Stadium Way exit, you may also get off the freeway at Fletcher Dr or Glendale Blvd. Glendale Blvd may be the easiest because there is an easy left turn onto Riverside, which leads to Stadium Way.

While there are plenty of lots outside Dodger Stadium to park, your best bet is still to park in the huge lot next to the actual Stadium.

  • General Admission Parking- You may purchase parking for $10 online here, or its $20 at the gate.
  • Dedicated Prepaid Lanes- Dodger Stadium now offers new dedicated prepaid lanes which are open to those who purchase parking passes in advance. Follow the signs to the designated booths at all gates for these. This will expedite the flow of traffic into the stadium.
  • Offsite Parking - Lots 13 and 14 are offsite on Stadium Way and allow for easy entrance and exit from the Stadium. There is a complimentary shuttle service available as well. Cost is $5. More Information

There are 5 entrances to Dodger Stadium Parking Lots:

  • Sunset Gate A - Stadium Way / Elysian Park Ave
  • Stadium Way Gate B- Stadium Way/ Scott Ave
  • Golden State Gate C Academy Rd/ Academy Rd
  • Academy Gate D Academy Rd/ Park St
  • Downtown Gate E SR110/ Stadium Way


  • If you don't have assigned parking, you must park in General Admission parking. If you're going to a sold out game, the lot could be full and you may have to park far away, near the Police Academy and hike down a hill.
  • Once you found your lot, your trek into the stadium isn't complete. Dodger Stadium will only let you enter the level of your seats. So if you're parked near the top-deck, you will have to walk around the stadium outside the gates until you get your level. This could be up to a 20-minute walk, so give yourself some time.
  • The 5 Dodger Stadium parking entrances are open two and a half hours before the scheduled game time.
  • Tailgating and/or the consumption of alcohol is prohibited within the Dodger Stadium parking lots.
Where To Go Before The Game
(credit: Dominic A. Riley)

Philippe The Original
1001 N Alameda St
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(213) 628-3781

Billed as the 'birth place of the French dipped sandwich,' Philippe is one of those spots that is a must if you have some time before a game at Chavez Ravine. First opened in 1908, this vintage Chinatown landmark turns out delicious French dipped sandwiches that are the staple item to get before the game and will have you craving another long before you've exited this sawdusted floored restaurant. Open from 6am to 10pm on most days, the menu features an array of items including various French dipped sandwiches (beef dip, pork dip, turkey dip, and more), as well as breakfast items, salads, and more. The menu is surprisingly inexpensive too. So stop by and enjoy a French Dip with a side of slaw before the first pitch, but don't forget to save room for a Dodger Dog!

(credit: Partyearth)

The Short Stop
1455 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90026
(213) 482-4942

Need a drink or two before the big game? Head over to Echo Park's Short Stop, a perfect pregame/postgame hangout. Open daily from 5pm to 2am, you'll enjoy free parking, $2 beers, and you can even walk to the stadium! While it doesn't necessarily look like a sports bar, you'll find some serious die-hard Dodger fans pre- and postgame.

(credit: Dominic A. Riley)

1261 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA
(213) 250-7600

Considered a taco institution by Dodger fans, Guisados is a family-run spot with a location in Echo Park near the stadium. Lines can get long here, but their fresh corn tortilla's piled high with stews and meats are definitely worth any wait. Make sure to order the sampler, which will give you a little taste of six different tacos, including two chicken (mole, tinga), two park (chicharrón and cochinita pibil) and two beef (bistek and steak picado).

wexler's deli pastrami sandwich
(credit: Joey E./Yelp)

Wexler's Deli
Grand Central Market
317 South Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Want to get a little bit of something special before the game? Chef Micah Wexler of Wexler's Deli serves up classic deli items that will have you thinking you're in heaven. Located in Grand Central Market, this deli cures it's own meat, so you know it's gotta be good. The pastrami sandwich is just one of the items people come for before a game. Dreamed up by Micah Wexler, formerly of Mezze on La Cienega Blvd., the sandwich here achieves what it set out to be: a classic rendition with an old-school Jewish deli twist. Whether you order the O.G. (Original Gangster) or the MacArthur Park (add cheese), one thing is for sure: you will bite into thick, hand-cut and hormone free Colorado beef that's put its time in on the smoker.

Dodger Tickets
(credit: Jamie Squire, Getty Images)

Attendance is always high at Dodger Stadium, but tickets are pretty easy to acquire. Remember though that Opening Day or Beach Towel Night are two games that sell out very quickly. For the rest of the regular-season games you can easily purchase tickets outside the LF pavilion, on the Dodgers website or any of the ticketing websites.
Seeing a game at Dodger Stadium will range in price. And, although prices may have gone up in the past several years, it's still relatively inexpensive to see the boys in blue take on the visiting team. Prices vary depending on a variety of factors including the location of the seat, whether it's an opening day game, or one of the more popular games (ranging on a scale of a 1 star game to a 4 star game). The least expensive option is just $12 for a top deck 1 star game. For a full chart of pricing, visit Seating Pricing.

Seating Options

  • Individual Seats - Buy Here
  • Group Tickets - Plan a group outing, celebrate your birthday, entertain clients or host a company party! Buy Here.
  • Premium Seating - Dodger Stadium offers a few options for premium seats including the Dugout Club, Baseline Club and Club Suites. Find out more here.
  • Season Tickets- For true Dodger fans, getting a season pass is the way to go. Find out more information here.
  • All-You-Can-Eat Pavilion - tickets here include Free Dodger Dogs, nachos, peanuts, popcorn, Coca-Cola products and water.
DODGER STADIUM Pittsburgh Pirates v Los Angeles Dodgers
(credit: Harry How/Getty Images)

Dodger Stadium is known for its color configuration of seats per level.
Dugout Club Seats
The most exclusive experience at Dodger Stadium, seats in the Dugout Club offer more than just an amazing view that will make you feel as if you're right in the action. With seats that line the wall behind home plate and wrap around from dugout to dugout, you'll also have access to a variety of complimentary buffets, as well as in-seat waiter service and much more.
Baseline Club
Considered part of the premium seating, these seats sit on the ground level next to the Dugout club on the right and left fields.
Field Level Seats
Offering a variety of options including Field Box VIP, Field Box MVP, Infield Box, and more, the Yellow level seating is field level as the name suggests and offers an unobstructed view of the playing field from behind the Dugout Club and home plate to the edge of right field and the edge of left field. You may even catch a foul ball here!
Loge Seats
Often considered to be the best seats if you're looking to catch a foul ball, the Loge Seats are the 2nd level in the seating ring and offer great views of the field. Pricing depends on the game and the seat, but is considerably less than a seat in the yellow section.
Teal Blue
Reserve Seats
Just below the Top Deck is the Teal Blue Level, or the Reserve. Affordable pricing and views of the park make these desirable for those not wanting to spend much. These seats extend to the very edges of the park on the right and left field, whereas the Top Deck seats are limited to behind home plate and to the 1st and 3rd baselines.
Top Deck
Considered the "nose-bleed" seats, you'll have a spectacular view of the skyline of Downtown LA, and a view of the entire stadium. The Top of the Park souvenir store is located here.
Red / Blue
Centerfield / Pavilion Seats
The "Centerfield Experience" is unlike any other seat in the house. Although they might not be Dugout seats, these seats are coveted among die-hard Dodger fans. Bring your glove for an up-close glimpse of your favorite major leaguers and the opportunity to catch the occasional home run ball.

What To Eat
Hot Dog
(credit: Jonathan Ferrey)

When it comes to the food selection at Dodger Stadium, many will say it begins and ends with a Dodger Dog. Die hard's will say that no other item on the menu can ever compare to the iconic Dodger Dog. But, these days, Dodger Stadium has kicked it up a notch with a bevy of terrific eats.
Dodger Dog
The classic Dodger Dog is one of those eats that people come from far and wide to try out. If you're taking in a game, you must have one. With the option to get it steamed or grilled, add some relish and mustard and it's the perfect choice when you're watching the home team win!
Garlic Fries
What goes better with your Dodger Dog or burger than fries? Garlic Fries. If you've ever gone to a Dodger game, the smell should be familiar by now. Smothered in garlic, this popular snack will have you coming back time and time again.
Extreme Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog
Taking the cue from one of Los Angeles' favorite culinary delights, this is the bacon wrapped hot dog to end all. Unlike the ones you're likely to grab from someone pushing a cart outside the stadium after a game, this dog will put all of those to shame. There's a lot more going on here too, and though it's a bit heavy with the all-beef hot dog, maple smoked bacon, peppers and onions, it's nothing that couldn't be washed down smoothly with a cold beer.
Tommy Lasorda's Trattoria Pasta Plate
Available at Tommy Lasorda's Trattoria in right field, The Pasta Plate is one of the new favorite options at Dodger Stadium. The dish features delicious moist and juicy meatballs over penne pasta along with tasty marinara sauce. Lasorda's Trattoria definitely delivers and will make you feel like you're not just eating stadium food.
Dodgers Grilled Mexican Corn
Aside from the other delicious new eats at Dodger Stadium, they are offering Mexican corn which is a must try. The tasty combination of mayo and herbs and cheese is so tasty that you'll be craving this treat long after the game.
Pepperoni Pizza
In the concourse near right field, you'll notice that the entire back area that was previously closed off is now open for walking, shopping and most importantly, eating. Holding down the fort for patrons is Tommy Lasorda's Trattoria which offers Italian fare with an East coast vibe. Lasorda's gives Dodger fans a taste of the team's early days in Brooklyn. Among the favorites here is the Pepperoni Pizza with dough that's made soft along with a thin crust.
Lasorda's Meatball Marina Cone
New for this year, try the Lasorda's Meatball Marina Cone, a purely delightful mixture of flaky cone-shaped crust, a giant meatball, and perfectly seasoned marinara. Although the cone (which is priced for the 2015 at $9) is sure to delight the senses, consider bringing a bib to eat this messy treat.
Frito Pie Dog
Nope, it's not a myth. These actually do exist. Made with chili, cheese, and Frito chips, this hot dog is a fan favorite.
Italian Sausage
The Italian Sausage in right field is easily one of the best in the game. The sausage comes with light beef, and with just the right amount of peppers on top, fans who venture to right field can sink their teeth into a juicy sausage that's filling. And, with a rich texture and a lot of flavor that goes above, but not beyond what'd you'd expect from a ballpark sausage, this sausage will stand out amongst the rest.
Louisiana Hot Link Sausage
On the opposite end of the spectrum is a good ol hot link. Armed with a deceptively hot kick that will sneak up on you covered by a bed of cole slaw, the sausage will make anyone who's visiting or from down South smile with appreciation that they could get something tasty and flavorful at Dodger Stadium.
Extreme Bacon Wrapped Hot Dog
Taking the cue from one of Los Angeles' favorite culinary delights, this is the bacon wrapped hot dog to end all. Unlike the ones you're likely to grab from someone pushing a cart outside the stadium after a game, this dog will put all of those to shame. There's a lot more going on here too, and though it's a bit heavy with the all-beef hot dog, maple smoked bacon, peppers and onions, it's nothing that couldn't be washed down smoothly with a cold beer.
View a full list of the best eats at Dodger Stadium in our Dodger Stadium Food Guide.

All About The Dodger Dugout Club
The Dugout Club At Dodger Stadium
(credit: Matthew Simmons/Getty Images)

Dugout Club

The Dugout Club is the most exclusive club at Dodger Stadium and offers the best seats in the house. Additionally, you'll get an all-inclusive experience which features access to an adjacent club with a martini lounge, a full bar and restaurant-style seating. In addition to complimentary food from Levy Restaurants buffet, the Dugout Club offers patrons complimentary programs/game notes, in-seat waiter service, extra cushioned seating within the first 9 rows of the field and a concierge service.

dodger dog
(credit: P.N./Yelp)

Field Level: Campy's Corner (Sec. 4), California Pizza Kitchen (Sec. 8), Carl's Jr. (Sec. 10), Dodger Dogs (Sec. 22 and 40), Healthy Plate (Sec. 30), Dippin Dots (sec. 32), Panda Express (Sec. 46), Philly Cheesesteak (Sec. 48), and Baseline Box Club (Sec. 52).
Dodger signature items: Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec. 8, 10 and 46). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 22, 40 and 48). Fish Tacos are available at (sec 46). Soft Serve is available at (Sec. 22, 40 and 48)
Field Level (3rd Base Side): Think Blue Bar (Sec. 5), Frozen Yogurt (sec. 9), Dodger Dogs (Sec. 9, 23 and 41), Dippin Dots (sec. 31), Camacho's (Sec. 45), Canter's Deli (Sec. 47) and Baseline Box Club (Sec. 51).
Dodger signature items: Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec. 45 and 47). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 23 and 41). Fish Tacos are available at (sec 45). Soft Serve is available at (Sec. 23, 41 and 47). Frozen Yogurt is available at (Sec. 9) Hebrew National Hot Dogs (Sec. 47)
Loge Level (1st Base Side): South Street Philly Cheesesteak (Sec. 104), Healthy Plate (Sec. 104), Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Sec. 132), California Pizza Kitchen (sec. 132), Carl's Jr. (Sec. 140), Dippin Dots (Sec. 142), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 156) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 108, 132, 136, 156 and 164). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 140).
Loge Level (3rd Base Side): Camacho's (Sec. 109), Frozen Yogurt (Sec. 131), Wetzel's Pretzels (Sec. 141), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 145), Sandwiches (Sec. 147), Loge Terrace Bar & Grill (Sec. 163) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 137, 155 and 165). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 109 and 145). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 145).
Reserve Level (1st Base Side): Soft-Serve Ice Cream (Sec. 4), Wetzel's Pretzels (Sec. 6), Carl's Jr. (Sec. 8), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 12), Subzone (Sec. 12), Healthy Plate (Sec. 12), Think Blue Bar (Sec. 38) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 4, 24, 34 and 44). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 6, 8 and 12). Veggie Dogs are available at (Sec. 6). South Street Philly Cheesesteaks are available at (Sec. 34). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 12 and 34).
Reserve Level (3rd Base Side): California Pizza Kitchen (Sec. 1), Cantina Azul (Sec. 3), Garlic Fries (Sec. 5), Dippin Dots (Sec. 9), Comacho's (Sec. 11), Garlic Fries (Sec. 11), Farmer John Gourmet Sausage (Sec. 11), Sandwiches (Sec. 11) and Dodger Dogs (Sec. 23, 35, 37, 43 and 55). Dodger Dogs are also available at (Sec 3, 5 and 11). Veggie Dogs are available at (Sec. 3). Garlic Fries are available at (Sec. 11 and 35).
Top Deck (1st Base Side): Dodger Dogs (Sec. 6).
Top Deck (3rd Base Side): Frozen Yogurt (Sec. 1), Dodger Dogs (Sec. 5), and Sandwiches (Sec. 5).
Top Deck guests are encouraged to enjoy the Reserve Level for additional Concession options.
Left Field Pavilion: Dodger Dogs (Sec. 303, 309), Sandwiches (Sec. 303).
All-You-Can-Eat Right Field Pavilion: Dodger Dogs, Nachos, Peanuts, Popcorn, Water, Soda.

Stadium Tours
dodger stadium tour
(credit: Ken F./Yelp)

The Dodger Stadium Tour offers fans the chance to see the ballpark in an exciting way. When the Dodgers out of town, you're invited to take a behind-the-scenes look into the most restricted areas and see the Stadium in a new perspective.
The 80-90 minute tour includes a trip to the field, a visit into the Dodger Dugout, as well as a visit to the Dugout Club, a walk through the Vin Scully Press Box and much more. Adults can take the tour for just $20. Children, seniors and military personnel get in for just $15.
The tour is given at 10am, 11:30am and 1pm and begins at the Top Deck near the Top of the Park Store.

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