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Software Developers And Dentists Top List Of Best Jobs In U.S.

(CBS Local) - For many recent college graduates, finding a job is the next big step in life. A report on the best jobs in the country says those grads may want to find a career as a software developer or a dentist.

According to U.S. News & World Report's annual list of the 100 best jobs in America, software developers topped the list with a median salary of $100,080 and over 250,000 projected jobs available this year.

Dentists, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and orthodontists all finished in the top five of 2018's list. "Health care jobs are prominent on our list year after year and are predicted to continue growing rapidly within the job market by 2026," careers reporter Rebecca Koenig said in January.

"Health care goes beyond doctors and nursing professions – there is high demand for people to fill positions available in health care technology, at hospitals and elsewhere within the industry."

Tech jobs continue their strong showing on this year's list with information security analysts (32nd), IT managers (42nd), and computer systems analysts (46th) all making the top 100.

The country's best paying job was found to be for anesthesiologists, who have an annual median salary of $208,000. Statisticians and actuaries were found to be the best jobs for people looking for a career in business.

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