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Friend Recalls Recently Engaged Couple Killed In Crash At Yorba Linda Home

YORBA LINDA ( —  Friends and family on Sunday recalled the recently engaged couple who was killed when their pickup truck flew over a fence and crashed airborne into a Yorba Linda home Saturday just before midnight.

The victims have been identified as 38-year-old Donald Wall and his fiance, 40-year-old Danielle Velazquez.

Wall was the driver, officials said.  The couple had been in a pickup truck - that somehow lost control. The truck flew over a fenced dirt lot -- and crashed into a home.  Three of six people in the home sustained injuries, but none serious.

Sarah Laitinen says she was glad to speak to her neighbors to know they're going to be okay.

"Just briefly this morning. They came back to get some items. They're still shook up. Thank heaven they're alive," she said.

Greg Santos, a longtime friend of Wall's family, spoke to KCAL 9's Jeff Nguyen.

"I couldn't even recognize the truck. I knew the truck. I've been in the truck. Couldn't even recognize it," Santos said.

Wall's parents gave Nguyen pictures of their son and Velazquez. They said she recently moved in with their son and Wall had a son of his own. They also said the couple was recently engaged.

At the crash site, firefighters had to use a heavy rescue truck to free the couple from the wreckage.

The Sheriff's Department is in charge of figuring out the cause of the crash. They said speed was a factor.

However, Wall's family believes the truck must have had a mechanical problem.

"To pick up that much speed. To go launch.  It's sort of unusual," said Santos.

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Wall's family says he wasn't reckless. They also find it odd for him to blow through a stop sign. The crash occurred only a couple blocks from his home and he was familiar with the streets in the area.

"For him to shoot the stop sign, something must've been on his mind," Santos said.

Meanwhile, a family member has set up a GoFundMe page to help the Sorrentino family. There home was the one destroyed by the pickup truck. Click here for more information.

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