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Fullerton City Employees Laid Off; Officials Cite COVID Shutdown, Social Distancing Requirements

FULLERTON (CBSLA) - More than 150 part-time employees of the city of Fullerton were out of work Thursday due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Citing "operational disruptions and substantial revenue reductions" due to COVID-19, Fullerton mayor Jennifer Fitzgerald said 153 workers in the library, parks and public works departments are being "separated from employment".

The city is projecting over $3 million less revenues than originally budgeted due to the coronavirus shutdown affecting local retail and the travel industry.

"Unfortunately, this pandemic has shuttered or greatly decreased our community's retail businesses and hotels, which through sales tax help maintain the City's services to our residents," Fitzgerald said. "It breaks my heart to know that we cannot continue to employ them based on our fiscal condition. I thank them for their service."

City manager Ken Domer told the City Council on April 7 that reduced commercial activity, hotel bookings, and reductions in lease and other revenues impacted by the pandemic had created a $3.1 million budget deficit in the current fiscal year ending June 30.

Projections for the upcoming fiscal year are projected to decline by at least $2 million based on the duration of the stay-at-home order and "other social distancing requirements."

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