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Caught On Camera: Violent Hours-Long Struggle Between MetroPCS Store Owner, Would-Be Robber

CULVER CITY ( A violent hours-long struggle between the owner of a MetroPCS store and a would-be robber was caught on tape.

Security video from inside the Wireless Gadgets Store in Culver City shows a man  who walked in around 6:10 pm Friday saying he wanted to buy a cellphone.

But owner Michael Nathan told KCAL9's Rachel Kim that soon after the man picked out a phone and case, he didn't pull out his wallet. He pulled out a Taser.

"At that moment, I said to myself, 'I have to survive, I have to survive.' Things got ugly, and I tried to defend myself so I was able to tackle him down and sit on his back," Nathan said.

The store owner says his survival instincts helped him hold down the 5-foot-10, 220-pound suspect who didn't give up without a fight. Nathan says the suspect bit him on the arm then reached for a drill under his knee.

"He tried to use the drill to drill me, but luckily, the drill battery dislocated," Nathan said.

Nathan didn't realize a nearby security guard had walked in to the store after hearing the commotion and called police.

The store owner didn't know police were outside the store and he continued to stay on top of the suspect. Nathan told Kim the suspect was very conversational and, at one point, even asked for $20.

"He tried to make friends with me," Nathan said. "I'm not gonna be friends with you, you bit me on my arm and tried to use the Taser gun."

Nathan says the struggle lasted nearly three hours.

The suspect hurt his back and when Nathan felt the suspect was too weak to try anything, the store owner made a run for it to the protection of the police. The suspect was then ordered to surrender and crawl outside. Then, the SWAT team came in to make sure it was all clear.

"The police thought it was a hostage situation; they didn't make a move. That's why I had to be in this situation for two hours and 45 minutes. If I knew they were out there, I would've walked out hours ago," Nathan said.

Days after the confrontation, Nathan is healing physically.

He had a message for the man who tried to rob him. "First of all, quit drugs and get back on [your] feet and do the right thing."

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