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Burglars walk out of Eastvale home with safe filled with money meant to cover funeral costs

Burglars walk out with safe in Eastvale
Burglars walk out with safe in Eastvale 00:33

An Eastvale homeowner is asking for help after thieves broke into his home and stole a safe filled with money meant to pay off his father's medical and funeral expenses. 

Tsang Family

The owner said his father-in-law, John Trieu, 70, died after a long battle against cancer two days before the burglary.

"We have a good amount of money in there," said homeowner Andrew Tsang. "We put it in the safe. Before we even had a chance to go to the bank, this happens. Everything is taken from us."

According to Tsang, the burglary happened on Thursday, Nov. 17. His security camera captured one of the three suspects walking out of the home while carrying the family's safe that contained cash, jewelry, important documents and family heirlooms which included his grandmother's wedding ring. Tsang claimed that the suspects ransacked his home and shattered a glass door. 

He said someone found the empty safe hours after the burglary, with bleach poured onto the remaining documents.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department said they are investigating this incident. Tsang claimed that the suspects have targeted other families, however, the Sheriff's Department did not confirm this claim. 

So far, no arrests have been made. 

Tsang created an online fundraiser to recoup the lost funds. 

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