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Burbank to temporarily restrict outdoor irrigation for 2 weeks in September

Burbank to suspend outdoor irrigation in September 00:27

The City of Burbank on Tuesday announced temporary irrigation restrictions due repairs being made to the upper feeder that brings water in from the Colorado River Aqueduct. 

"Burbank must temporarily stop all outdoor irrigation for two weeks, from September 6-20, 2022, due to a limited water supply," the city press release stated. "Residents and businesses must adjust their sprinklers and automated irrigation systems, so they do not run during this period. Hand watering will be allowed during the two-week period." 

The release notes that Burbank is solely dependent on water from the Colorado River Aqueduct and the State Water Project. 

Because of drought conditions, the city elected to limit the water it takes from the State Water Project to ensure that other communities who are solely dependent on that aqueduct source have enough water supply. 

"This year Burbank has been depending on receiving water exclusively from the Colorado River, however, this major repair will not allow water to flow to our area," the release stated. 

Burbank, along with Glendale and other Southern California cities, must take water from the State Water Project during the repairs. 

"Due to the additional water needed from the State Water Project to compensate for the loss of the Colorado River water, no outdoor irrigation is allowed during the repair," the release stated. 

The release also encouraged residents to prepare for the temporary restrictions, as well as consider the city's free mulch program and rebate programs for rain barrels and cisterns

Information about other water saving programs can be found at the website for Burbank Water and Power.

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