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Birthday Party Rescue: Company 77 Mobile Pizza Unit

This mobile pizza party rolls up in alarming style - in a fire truck.

I recently threw the best party ever. My decorations were just okay. There wasn't really a theme. But the guests are still talking about the party. All thanks to Company 77. If you haven't heard of them yet, they are the best new food truck to hit the area. While food trucks are not a new idea, this one goes far beyond just feeding people. They are there to help you throw the best party AND feed your guests amazing food. Oh, and did I mention that it is a real fire truck? It is! This truck has been fully repurposed in to a pizza kitchen on wheels and they are bringing the party to you.

From the moment the truck showed up on the scene, the Company 77 team took over and handled everything. With a sound system pumping, the guests (and some neighbors) couldn't help but get in to the party mood. They brought lunch and also a truly fun atmosphere. Even while the team was setting everything up, they went out of their way to make the guest of honor feel special. He was the first to get a tour of the truck and all its bells and whistles. And there were lots of them. At every turn there were more surprises (all are kid friendly!) A photo booth in the jump seat! Costumes for the kids! A wall of levers and knobs that the kids were encouraged to play with! They really have thought of everything.

It was pretty cool just to have the fire truck at the party, but their food really got the guests excited. Their artisanal pizzas were amazing! A full kitchen, including a pizza oven, is installed on the top, sun-shaded area of the truck and the chef created delicious gourmet pizzas while interacting with the crowd below (a flat screen TV fitted on the side of the truck showed you exactly what the chef had going on upstairs!). Gluten-free and vegan options are available for guests with dietary restrictions and my son told me the gluten-free crust is the best he's ever had.

I provided my own beverages but Company 77 can take care of all that for you too. They have several party options to choose from ranging from lemonade, beer and wines on tap all the way to helping coordinate a full bar set up!

The customer service of Company 77 was exceptional from start to finish. They really want your party to be the best and will work with you every step of the way. Everything seems to be customizable from the music, to beverage service, to sharing a photo slideshow with your guests via the truck-mounted flat screen TV. For those looking for something new and exciting for their next private event, Company 77 is for you. Whether you have 30 guests or a few hundred, this is catering you have been looking for. But this isn't just a food truck. Company 77 is a full party on wheels.

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Sharon Garofalow is a mom blogger in Orange County. See more of her work at Cupcakes and Cutlery.

Images by Dez & Tam Photography

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