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Best Places To Make A Family Christmas Card In Los Angeles

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Want your Christmas card to be picture perfect? Then leave the snapping to the professionals who are keen on making your clan look great while sending a festive greeting to friends and family. That said, if you have been clever enough to create a selfie or other image worth covering your cards with for this year, then be sure to make your presentation as pristine as possible. The following are five venues that can help with one, or in some cases both, endeavors.

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Jennifer Jasso Photography
Sun Valley, CA
(323) 481-7704

Although this highly-touted photographer bills herself primarily as a wedding photographer, Los Angeles-area based Jennifer Jasso can do amazing work when making images dependent on any subject at hand. Indeed, holiday cards will sparkle when including images created by Jasso, as this talent employs her trained eye for the purpose of engaging those gazing upon her camera to help them look their best. The photos she captures and creates with you and your clan will be no doubt be special, so why not book a sitting (or standing) right now? After all, there's no time like the present, pun intended.

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Anna Mae Lam Photography

Anna Mae Lam gives holiday cards that extra special sparkle after your family gathers to be photographed by this expert in a session that will not only be fruitful, but fun as well. This veteran photographer, a self-described Nikonian, will not only select the perfect setting for your clan, but she will also claim the perfect moment as the one that will show up on your year-end 2015 message sent to all you hold dear.

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537 N Glendale Ave.
Glendale, CA 91206
(818) 243-3129

If you're all set to go forth with your holiday card as far as photographs are concerned but you are eager to make what you send in the mail something to remember, stop by Swains for some accoutrements to add to this ambitious endeavor. Exclusive handmade paper is on offer, as are a number of other snappy ideas for creating the coolest card amongst your crowd. The staff who work here are happy to help you come up with a plan on how to make that happen.

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V Kendal Photography
(818) 406-2190

In this case, V stands for Valerie, a cherished City of Angels photographer who is rewarded by a large repeat client base. A women of great talent, this Angeleno is so likable that even the grumpiest person in your family will stop being a Scrooge during your Christmas card photo session, held in an enchanting environment mutually agreed upon by both client and shooter. By the way, know that Valerie is great with the littlest members of your family, as she has especially been touted for her work with very young babies.

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If you are looking for a way to order your holiday cards online without worrying about quality in the least, choose MOO. This company is the bomb, especially when it comes to card stock and imaginative ideas for your particular greeting. While you can easier choose the "make your own" option, MOO will be with you all the way to help you upload your high-resolution photographs and then order the card of your dreams. After all, with this outfit, presentation is everything.

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