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Best Places For Romantic Hikes In Los Angeles

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Encompassing an expansive 464 square miles, sprawling Los Angeles affords lovers a plethora of romantic hiking venues. So walk hand-in-hand, smell the roses, and get your juices flowing at the same time by following any of the trails at the memorable spots listed below.

Hours: Daily, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Price: $8 adults; $6 seniors and students

A visit to any public botanical gardens insinuates crowds gathering to drink in lush greenery. Still, this urban retreat offers plenty of hiking opportunities that allow for getting close by taking on a circuitous route through dozens of acres of tree-canopied hiding places. Just be sure to  end up at the serene Japanese tea garden where lovers can look into each others' eyes without any interference. Romance has blossomed at Descanso since 1953.

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Hours: Daily; dawn to dusk

Griffith Park provides myriad hiking opportunities, but perhaps the most romantic begins at the Griffith Observatory's parking lot. From there, a trail filled with all kinds of hidden places in which to canoodle in private leads to the Mount Hollywood summit. Astounding views of Los Angeles inspire even more romantic moments.

Solstice Canyon
Corral Canyon Rd. and Solstice Canyon Rd. intersection
Malibu, CA 90265

Opting to hike any of the five trails at Solstice Canyon means plenty of alone time, shared only with the wildlife, which include lots of deer to share with your dear. The three-mile Rising Sun Trail is perhaps the most romantic, as the end of this long walk promises sweeping views of the Pacific below.

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Will Rogers State Park
Pacific Palisades, CA
Price: Free; $7 parking

This 186-acre retreat is ripe for romantic hikers who take the three-mile loop that ends at  Inspiration Point. Not only will you be, well, inspired there by the sight of the entire Los Angeles basin, from the Pacific to downtown, but you'll also avoid being too winded to enjoy the scenery. Another plus: This state park was originally owned by actor Will Rogers who bequeathed his picturesque property to the public in 1944 after his widow died, to the great relief of ardent  lovers everywhere.

Open: Daily, 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.

This storied downtown enclave that debuted back in 1781 offers 575 acres of natural beauty with hiking trails ready and waiting for romantic moments to live in the grasp of a lot of history. Along the way, stop and study the Portola Trail Historical Monument and the Victory Memorial Grove, both landmarks of great prominence in this alluring urban escape ideal for anyone with stars in their eyes.

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