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Best New Authors You Need To Know About

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There is nothing like reading a good book to set the tone for the day. Books are charming, informative, and create excitement for readers to explore fascinating stories or innovative information from the point of view of a new or famous author. A good book can be enjoyed over coffee at a local coffee shop or at home while sitting on a comfortable chair with pillows and soft music. There are several unique authors that make their excitement for writing known through delightful literature. These writers are based here in Southern California. Here are several of the best L.A. based authors you need to know about.

Jill Gurr

For those who know her, Jill Gurr cares about the world we live in and lives to find ways to make a difference. Jill is a people person and has an innate ability to bring groups together for humanitarian causes. As the founder of Create Now, a non-profit organization based in Los Angeles, she is dedicated to inspiring youth in the arts. Additionally, she is also a published author of three books. One of her books is "Mentor Youth Now: A Guide for Transforming Young Lives." This literary work provides motivational tips on how people from all walks of life can empower themselves and their communities through youth mentorship. In addition to her work as a literary author, Jill is a screenwriter.

Julia Amante

Julia Amante is a fiction author who brings her inspiring perceptions on the beauty of life from thoughts to words on paper. She writes passionately about the power of love as the invisible force behind building a strong family. She is an advocate in nurturing self-esteem through setting and achieving goals one at a time. Her goal as a writer is to impart a message to the reader about bettering their own lives through setting the cell phone down at least once a day for family time through the dynamic of face to face communication and exploring new beginnings. As an author, her words capture the attention of the reader and provide inspiration through her words born from deep thought.

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Aimee Bender

Aimee Bender is an educator and author who finds a unique balance between these two roles that represent her dual passions. Aimee's individual spirit is effervescent, and she has a zest for writing about relationships and life from the world of creativity. Her message is clear. Aimee is devoted to family and education. As a professor of creative writing at the University of Southern California in Los Angeles and an author whose penchant is focused on the exploration of new stories in the inventive space of realism flavored with creative adventure, one of her notable releases is "The Color Master," which encompasses a collection of short stories that are built upon one-of-a-kind characters that defy physics and general laws of science in their movement and quests in the world that they live in. The stories are imaginative and creatively dreamy.

Jessica Piazza

Jessica Piazza is an author and teacher with a passion for the rhymes and rhythms of poetry. As a free flowing poet, Jessica has an inclination towards exploring new ideas and translating them into rich organic literary works. She has published poetry works that include "This is Not a Sky" and "Interrobang." In "This is Not a Sky," she brings forth a world of living poems that sing the celebration of famous works of art. Just as art breathes life into a story in the moment of its experience, Jessica's poetic voice ebbs and flows like a river in continuum. Jessica holds a Ph.D. in English Literature and Creative Writing. She teaches Composition at the University of Southern California.

Katherine Boutry

Katherine Boutry is a mother, author and teacher on a mission to inspire humanity about the beauty of West Los Angeles College. A Harvard graduate with a Ph.D. in English, Katherine's career is well traveled and continues to evolve. She has a zest for writing and exploring the art of literature in innovative ways. Boutry partnered with her colleagues, Holly Bailey-Hofmann and Clare Norris-Bell to write a "how to" book about the art of writing. "The West Guide to Writing" is a literary work that is comprehensive and thorough in relation to the mechanics of the writing process. Boutry along with Hofman and Norris bring a fresh approach to the breakdown of it all bringing clarity to the process resulting in a literary work that is educational and sensibly engaging.

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