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Best Dates For The Adventurous Couple In Los Angeles

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(credit: TSNY - LA)

Going to the movies or picnicking in the park are safe bets for dating Angelenos. Doing something a bit more edgy, however, will probably have you talking about your date well into the future instead of forgetting it tomorrow. So feast your eyes on these five romantic rendezvous in the Southland that will satisfy even the most adventurous couple every time.

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TSNY Los Angeles
370 Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, CA 90401
(310) 576-7900

There's nothing like getting into the swing of a date on a hanging trapeze in Los Angeles. The best place to fly through the air with the greatest of ease is on the picturesque Santa Monica Pier where doing this deed is part and parcel to the whole wacky scene. That old saying's true, you know couples who trapeze together stay together. Tip: Don't forget to bring a pair of socks or slippers as these foot warmers really help while you're turning tricks high in the sky.

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Chef's Special
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Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom
2366 Pelham Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90049
(310) 470-2640

Dare to prepare food. Nothing brings a new couple together more than breaking bread, whether it's a first date or an 80th anniversary. Give that relationship a shove in the right direction with a romantic date night dinner class in Chef Eric's Culinary Classroom. Chef Eric and his heavenly culinary skills are the perfect third wheel on any date. This LA mainstay offers a hands-on experience that not only helps couples bond, but gives them a little something to take home for their troubles.

Second City
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Second City
6560 Hollywood Blvd. 2nd floor
Los Angeles, CA 9002
(323) 464-8542

Get to the raw core of your date, and laugh until it hurts, in an improv class together. This is especially fun for Los Angeles couples who have absolutely no intention of giving show business a whirl. In fact, taking a class of this nature may be a radical way to break the ice, but with the support you'll get from regular improv students here, there's no need to fear this bonding exercise. That said, the best place to get a taste for making up scenes as you go along is at the famous Second City, the best local outlet that teaches the fineries of this complicated craft. Second City that not only encourages couples to be adventurous, but fun and funny as well.

Studio A Dance
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Studio A Dance
2306 Hyperion Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90027
(323) 661-8311

Even daters with extra left feet will get moving in a dance class created for learning to cover the floorboards. From salsa and swing to rumba, foxtrot and waltz, Larisa Bates will be your private coach in coupling on the dance floor at Studio A in Silver Lake or in a venue of your choosing. Bates specializes in couples and wedding dances, so take advantage of that new engagement to get your honey out on the floor and ready for the big day.

Ice Skates, Ice Rink
(credit: YURI KADOBNOV/AFP/Getty Images)

Pasadena Ice Skating Center
310 E. Green St.
Pasadena, CA
(626) 578-0800

If you are dating and just want to hold hands, do it. If you want to make this romantic gesture more meaningful, and maybe a little less awkward, do so while gliding over the ice wearing shoes attached to blades. Then if one of you goes down, the other goes too, all in the name of adventure. Ice skating in Pasadena makes for the perfect Southland date year round with indoor facilities that offer a whole lot of space for experimenting and apres-skate snack options to munch while you nurse your bruised behinds.

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