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At Mexican Restaurant In Northridge, Big Band Is Back In A Big Way

NORTHRIDGE ( — When most people think of Mexican restaurants, they think salsa, guacamole, tequila...

But at Las Hadas Mexican Restaurant in Northridge (9048 Balboa), one must also think of big bands.

Big bands!?!?

Yes, every Tuesday morning between 10:30-12:30, you can hear the big band sound emanating around the popular eatery.

Specifically, Johnny Vana's Big Band Alumni take over the joint.

And, as Sylvia Lopez reports for KCAL9 and CBS2, locals can't get enough of the act.

They rip up the dance floor with non-stop dancing and swinging.

Back in the 40s and 50s, John Setar played alto sax and clarinet with some of the hottest bands around. He's 87 now and hasn't lost a step. He's not even the oldest here. Ethmer Roten, for one, is 90! Ben Mankofsky is 93!!

Johnny Vana, leader of the band, isn't worrying about keeping his band busy. A new generation has found they love the big band sound. "The young people come in and say we really like this new music," he says.

The Tuesday show is open to the public.

For more about Johnny Vana Big Band Alumni, click here.

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