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Anglers Net Rare 125-Pound Opah Off Newport Coast

Rare Opah Caught Daveys Locker Newport Beach 05012013 by Thor Brisbin on YouTube

NEWPORT BEACH ( — It could be the catch of a lifetime for a pair of Orange County anglers: a rare 125-pound opah.

Jeff Patrick and Thor Brisbin netted the unusual catch on May 1 during a half-day deep-sea fishing trip from Davey's Locker Sportfishing in Newport Beach.

The fish was caught in about 100 feet of water following what Brisbin described as a "30-minute battle" just about 1,000 yards from the shore.

Also known as moonfish, opah - which are primarily caught in deeper waters offshore and usually later in the summer months - are typically silver and bright rose red in color with a flat circular body, large eyes and usually weigh in around 100 pounds and 3 feet long.

Brisbin said it was a very special day aboard the Western Pride.

"In over 50 years, we have never caught a (sic) opah on a half day fishing trip," he said in a statement. "Quite a catch."

The catch marked the first exotic catch of the year for the Westin Pride, according to the Davey's Locker website.

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