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Activists, protestors rally in Hollywood for abortion rights

Activists rally in Hollywood to show support for women, abortion rights
Activists rally in Hollywood to show support for women, abortion rights 01:44

For a third straight weekend, dozens of activists rallied in Los Angeles to voice their support for abortion rights. 

Although President Joe Biden signed an executive order on Friday aimed at safeguarding reproductive health rights, activists believe that the Commander in Chief can do more following the Supreme Court's controversial decision to overturn Roe v. Wade.

CBSLA Reporter Kandiss Crone talked to some activists and abortion rights supporters who rallied in Hollywood on Saturday. 

"For me this hits a little more personally," Victoria Eggers told Crone. "I'm a United States veteran and I did not serve my country to have my rights stripped away, to have your rights stripped away, and to have any woman in this country rights stripped away. I will stand here and fight and I will stand here and raise my voice."

Protesters marched down Hollywood Boulevard to Vine Street. The Hollywood rally was one of a dozen abortion rights protests happening across the country on Saturday.

"I know for millions of women, one in four women actually, this is something that quite literally allows us access to continue our lives in a meaningful way," Allison Deery said.

The executive order Biden signed on Friday is aimed at increasing access to abortion pills and protecting access to other reproductive health services.

Since the Supreme Couty's 5-4 decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, several states have already moved to ban or limit abortion.

Those states include Florida, Louisiana and Texas.

"This is not about anything other than women will die," Deery said. "And that's our whole point being here is women will die. All people that were assigned female at birth will suffer as a result of this decision and we want to fight for them."

The rally was organized by

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