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30 junked vehicles removed from front, back yards of Santa Ana home

CBS News Los Angeles: The Rundown (June 30 AM Edition)
CBS News Los Angeles: The Rundown (June 30 AM Edition) 01:46

Thirty junked vehicles were removed Tuesday from a Santa Ana home by officers from the city's code enforcement division and police department.

City officials say they had received several complaints and issued several notices of violations and more than $6,700 in fines over the property being used as a junkyard and storage facility.

(credit: City of Santa Ana)

Images released by the City of Santa Ana showed several SUVs and at least one work truck parked in front of the home, and what appeared to be at least a dozen motorcycles being taken away on three flatbed trucks. Vehicles were removed from both the front yard and backyard, according to the city.

"The Code Enforcement Division provided relief to the neighborhood affected by this case and continues to work closely within the community to protect public health, safety, and welfare," officials said in a statement.

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