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Stockton Church Mourns Loss Of Teen Who Was Shot And Killed On Friday Afternoon

STOCKTON (CBS13) — They're the sights and sounds of the holiday season. Some of the light displays at New Day Community Church in Stockton were made by the camera-shy but energetic Edward "Eddie" Rosas who was shot and killed Friday afternoon.

"He asked to be able to volunteer here in front of our church for the Christmas light display so he helped build this area here where people can come and take photos," Bill Yates, the pastor of New Day, said.

Justin Steward, the youth minister at New Day, said, "He stayed out here in the coldest, harshest rain and did a great job with it,"

Yates and Steward told CBS13 that Rosas volunteered to help make the light display for community service hours so that he could graduate high school earlier. The light on Rosas' life went out after he finished the display.

Yates told CBS13 that Rosas is the 17-year-old that was shot and killed Friday afternoon just across the street from the church on Coral Lane. He was rushed to the hospital by first responders and was later pronounced dead.

A spokesperson for the police department said that the investigation is still on-going and the motive is unknown. No one is under arrest at this time.

"It sucks man. It's terrible that he spent time here and he passed away like you said not 50 yards from here," Steward said.

His death is an unimaginable blow to his parents.

"It didn't need to be translated what was being said," Yates said. "They're still crying greatly."

Yates and other ministers who knew Rosas for his fun-loving attitude from his time in the church's youth group said they hope his family gets closure and much more.

"We want justice. We want the system to be able to catch whoever is responsible for this and bring them to justice," Steward said.

What upsets Yates is that Rosas' family is now having to plan a funeral during a time meant for the joy his volunteer work would bring.

"I'm so mad. I'm so angry that this cannot be the time their lives of joy and peace and love," Yates said.

The church says it is raising donations for a memorial fund by selling hot chocolate and cookies which Rosas loved.

It's also taking those donations online at the church's website.

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