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Call Kurtis: Is Free Same Day Delivery Really free?

ROSEVILLE (CBS13) - A Roseville mom says the offer for free delivery, got her putting more items in her Costco cart.   She now realizes it ended up costing her a lot more.

"I was shocked," said Jamie Martinez.

The Costco store receipt the Instacart driver delivered with Jamie Martinez's groceries, shows the in-store cost was $291.20.

But using Costco's same delivery service powered by Instacart, she was charged $368.08. A $76.88 difference.

"This could really hurt people who are financially hurting right now. people who think they're getting free delivery and they're not." Martinez said.

It's true Costco gets rid of the same-day delivery charge for orders above $35.00. But each item costs more.

Jamie's Costco receipt shows the in-store price of toilet paper was $16.49.

Her Instacart receipt shows she paid $19.99.

Panera macaroni and cheese cost $9.99 in the store but she paid $11.69.

Two loaves of bread cost $7.98 in the store, but $9.34 with upcharges.

"I just think it's a little deceiving," Martinez said.

Costco's website does clearly state "Item pricing is higher than your local warehouse in order to cover the service and delivery fees charged by Instacart."

Costco told us customers are warned: "There is a prominent yellow banner across the top of the Same Day Delivery page, which advises members of the applicable fees and directs them to a page to learn more."

But knowing the big price difference, Jamie doesn't plan to use the service again.

I love Costco." Jamie said. " I felt...kind of like a friend had really done me a good one. it just really hurt."

Jamie was initially buying a prescription online and was grabbed by the offer for free delivery is she spent more than $35. While that sounds good, when dealing with any delivery service, including UberEATS, Door dash, the prices are almost always marked up.

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