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Placerville Woman Attacked With Hatchet Recovering From Eye Surgery

PLACERVILLE (CBS13) — Two women accused of a hatchet attack faced a judge Wednesday after allegedly attacking a woman and man on Halloween night in Placerville.

"It was really shocking that it happened especially just out of nowhere, the callousness of it and the randomness of it, explained Mandi Rodriguez, a friend of the victims.

Rodriguez is still stunned after her friends were attacked with a hatchet and knife. The melee seriously injured her friend Kristine Hall.

"She has significant damage to her eye. Also, you have to remember not only her eye, she is going to have permanent scarring to her face," Mandi said.

Kristine saw Theodora Economou and Vivian Bertrand allegedly vandalizing property on Main Street. That's when Placerville police say she asked them to stop and the women attacked her and a friend who stepped in to help.

Video posted on Snapchat appears to show a portion of the women's alleged crimes, including smearing what looks to be fake blood.

"When they came at my friend, they were laughing. They were going down the street, hitting windows, they were kicking over signs, they had smeared blood all over the bathroom," Mandi.

Theodora ran and was arrested after hiding in a nearby creek. The two suspects appeared in court Wednesday for the first time. They are facing several charges, including assault with a deadly weapon.

Court records detail the attack on Kristine with a hatchet that caused an injury that "put out an eye or significantly render it useless…"

Kristine has already had surgery on her eye, according to friends. Mandi said it is unclear if she will be able to use it again or if she will need additional surgeries.

"This is a life-changing experience and a life-changing injury to her," Mandi said.

It's a horrific attack she hopes will end with justice for her friends.

"I hope that our [district attorney] does everything he can to make sure these girls are punished to the full extent of the law," she explained.

The suspects are both being held without bail. They are expected to be back in court in December.

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