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Passport Backlog: Stressed Travelers Worry They'll Miss Trips

FORESTHILL (CBS13) – Terry Kamalan is caught up in the passport backlog, afraid he'll miss his upcoming trip.

"I just want my passport. That's all I want" he said.

Kamalan has a planned trip to Mexico in November, but he's stressed out because he thought he'd have his renewed passport by now.

"It just keeps getting longer and longer and longer," Kamalan said.

Denise Grueneberg submitted her passport renewal application on May 1 for a trip at the end of this month.

"And I'm still waiting," Grueneberg said.

The Department of State is digging out from the pandemic with a backlog of up to two million passport applications.

Lines like the ones seen in New York City are popping up at understaffed passport offices.

"The pandemic disruptions continue to have a ripple effect on all steps of the passport process," the Department of State said.

Further complicating things, fraudsters are selling passport appointments online.

"They're selling multiple appointments to people for thousands and thousands of dollars on a website that's supposed to be helping each other. It's disgusting," said Jason Shultz, who postponed his honeymoon in Mexico.

Kamalan is glad he applied early. He's just hoping his passport arrives long before his trip.

"I don't know what else to do. There's nothing else to do," Kamalan said.

Appointments are limited with priority given to people with urgent travel needs, not to those just vacationing.

If you're really stressed, call your federal lawmaker. They can help you get an appointment.

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