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Nut Tree Village Giraffe Statue Is Standing Again!

VACAVILLE (CBS13) —The beloved giraffe statue that was damaged in a car crash earlier this month is standing once again — it's just missing a crucial last piece.

The crews at Berine's City Garage have been working to repiar the statue and even put up a sign saying "Giraffe Repair Shop." The crew posted Thursday they were able to get the giraffe standing and did fiberglass work on his legs.

Soon, the giraffe will be ready for a fresh coat of paint.

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And last but not least, the giraffe will have his head re-attached before arriving back at the Nut Tree.

In April, the statue had to be lifted by a crane from the scene of impact.

When the plastic giraffe took a direct hit from an out-of-control driver in front of the Vacaville Nut Tree Plaza carousel, Davis Spencer from Bernie's City Garage was quick to stick his neck out to take a closer look at the poor guy.

The Nut Tree Plaza will have a naming contest for the giraffe when he returns.

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