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'A God-Send': Free Showers, Laundry Service For People Still Without Power In Nevada County

NEVADA CITY (CBS13) - Hunkered down in his truck with his two dogs, Tim has been roughing if for nearly two weeks. The Christmas storm that took out power to thousands is something he says he's never seen before.

"Not like this. Not like this. I mean we've usually been out of power for maybe 4 days at the most," Tim told CBS13.

He's lost count of how many days he's been in the dark this time, saying it's been at least ten.

"There's trees down everywhere. There's power lines down. And I'm sure they're doing the best that they can to get us back up and running, but it is devastating," said Tim.

Some warmth, water, and firewood couldn't come soon enough. Nevada County partnered with PG&E to set up a mobile laundry facility, showers, and even outdoor heaters for anyone waiting outside at the Rood Center at 950 Maidu Ave in Nevada City.

"It's cold out here. And Christmas just went by and New Years and then they got to go through this. Yeah, it's pretty sad to hear," said Teresa Garcia with AAA Mobile Solutions.

Garcia says they'll take in your laundry, wash, dry, and even fold it for free. The County tells CBS13 PG&E is footing the bill.

"With the drought and how heavy the snow was, it looks like a tornado went through," said Tim.

People like Tim are finally able to get out of the devastation to grab some firewood and catch a shower.

"This is very very helpful. Yeah, it will be a God-send for a lot of people, I'm sure," said Tim.

"For them to have nice clean clothes at least for a day or so, it does make me feel good. It makes us all feel good," said Garcia.

After all, it's been nearly two weeks roughing it without power in the thick of Winter and Tim is still not expecting electricity until next week.

"I just bear with it, you know. Tough it out — that's all you can do," said Tim.

The County says showers will be open daily from 6:00 a.m. - 10:00 a.m. and again from 4:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.

Laundry can be dropped off throughout the day and then be can be picked up 24 hours later.
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