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WATCH: Out-Of-Control Truck Crashes Just Inches From Store Customers

AUBURN (WASHINGTON) - Customers at a donut shop in Auburn, Washington had a close call today when a truck careened out of control and crashed into barriers just inches away from where they were standing.

The crash was caught on surveillance video.

Just before 8:30 a.m., a white Dodge pickup that appeared to be speeding left the road, drove through the parking lot, and hit the barriers in front of Donut Star, say Auburn police. The impact spun the truck sideways, totaling it and scattering debris that shattered nearby shop windows.

Fortunately, there was minimal damage to the building because of metal posts and several concrete blocks placed in front, that stopped the truck just inches away from customers. They were uninjured.

The driver of the vehicle, a male in his 40's, was arrested on suspicion of DUI.


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