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Auburn Drive-In Weekend Concert Aims To Give People Live Music At A Distance

AUBURN (CBS13) - More than a hundred people gathered at the Gold Country Fairgrounds on Saturday as part of a three-day drive-in weekend concert. The event's goal doubled as a way to enjoy music amid the COVID-19 pandemic while raising money for the local fair.

The sounds heard on Saturday night are ones many people haven't heard in a long time.

"I love live music," said Amy Sexton, one of the concert's attendees. "It gets my heart racing and gives me so much joy."

Lisa Montes, one of the event organizers, coordinated the unique event in hopes of allowing people to enjoy a concert for the first time in months from a social distance.

"Trying to figure out what to do within the guidelines, create some energy and support the Gold Country Fair," Montes said.

People attending in cars and trucks were seemingly spaced out from others. But still, during the coronavirus pandemic — there was concern people may not respect the rules.

"We worried whether people were going to adhere to the restrictions," Montes said.

Signs in the lot reminded people to social distance and wear their masks. Though to CBS13 cameras, not many wore them.

Montes said people could have them off when they were sitting in their designated space. Organizers said, for the most part, people seemed to stay in their lane.

Still some people mixed with others for impromptu dance parties, where Sexton joined in and said she still felt safe.

"Line dancing — you don't get any closer than 6 feet anyway cause you're going to be jumping on people's feet," Sexton said.

The event was music to the ears of Kat Benic, who said she was happy to feel a sense of normalcy again.

"Get out and enjoy things we used to love to do, just in a different style," Benic said.

Organizers said they also had security patrolling the area, asking people to keep with their party and not mix with others. Many of the people there said they felt safe coming out.

The three-day event wraps up with a drive-in movie double feature on Sunday night.

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