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Samsung's best selling 'The Frame' 4K TV is up to $400 off, plus more Labor Day Samsung TV deals


Samsung has slashed the price of the bestselling Samsung "The Frame" 2022 ahead of Labor Day. Shop "The Frame" and save up to $400 on the new-and-improved version of the top-rated Samsung QLED smart 4K TV that doubles as customizable wall art. 

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Bestselling "The Frame" TV: 65" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV (2022), $1,700 (reduced from $2,000)

Save $400 on "The Frame" TV: 75" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV 2022, $2,600 (reduced from $3,000) 

Shop "The Frame" TV on Amazon: 55" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV (2022): $1,498

We've found the best early Labor Day deal on the 2022 "The Frame" Samsung TV. The latest model has the same gorgeous quantum-dot picture as the 2021 model. And like the 2021 model, the 2022 version upscales TV and movies to 4K.

Even with all those similarities, the 2022 "The Frame" is definitely an upgrade over last year's model. The latest versions of "The Frame" boasts a new matte display with anti-glare, anti-reflection and anti-fingerprint properties.

It's a great time to buy the top-rated Samsung TV. Samsung has slashed the price of both the 65 and 75-inch screens. Samsung is also offering 50% off a customizable bezel with the purchase of any 2022 model of "The Frame."

Save up to $400 on 'The Frame' TV 2022

Samsung The Frame TV 2022

When you're not streaming shows or movies on "The Frame," the 4K set displays preprogrammed artwork, from from Monet to Van Gogh. It can also display family vacation photos that you've uploaded to "The Frame" from your phone or USB flash drive. So, yes, this TV puts on a show whether it's on -- or off.

65" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV 2022, $1,700 (reduced from $2,000)

75" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV 2022, $2,600 (reduced from $3,000) 

85" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV 2022, $4,300

Shop deals on 'The Frame' 2021 model and more

The 2021 "The Frame" is a pretty awesome TV, too. Samsung has deals on every single 2021 model right now.

Keep reading to shop deals on the 2021 "The Frame" and discover even more Samsung TV deals.

Samsung 'The Frame' QLED smart TV (2021)

Samsung via Best Buy

Save big on the 2021 "The Frame" TV ahead of Labor Day. 

This smart TV can transform into a piece of art when you're not streaming your favorite TV shows. "The Frame" smart TV has a built-in motion sensor that activates your device to display your favorite pieces of art in 4K resolution whenever you enter the room. This QLED TV produces 100% color volume in the DCI-P3 color space (that's the format for most cinema screens and HDR movies for television). What does all this tech talk mean? It means colors on this TV will be vivid and true-to-life.

50" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV, $950 (regularly $1,300)

55" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV, $1,400 (regularly $1,500)

65" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV, $1,600 (regularly $2,000)

75" Samsung "The Frame" QLED 4K TV, $2,200 (regularly $3,000)

Samsung 'The Sero': $900 off


"The Sero" is $900 off right now at Samsung. 

This Samsung TV lets you rotate your screen just like you rotate your phone for mobile content and apps. Stream TV and movies from a horizontal position, or turn the TV vertically to mirror your phone and play mobile content and apps. If you want, let your phone take over your entire screen. "The Sero" displays an optimized aspect ratio so you can enjoy content, apps and social media full-screen (without those pesky black bars that typically appear when you pair your phone with your TV).

43" Samsung "The Sero" QLED 4K smart TV, $1,100 (regularly $2,000)

75" Samsung Neo QLED smart 8K TV: $1,200 off


If 4K isn't enough for you, try an 8K TV. Though very little content is available in native 8K, the Samsung Neo QLED 8K uses AI to intelligently upscale content to 7,680 × 4,320 pixels.

These 8K smart TVs also feature anti-glare screens, Dolby Atmos sound and 100% color accuracy.

The Neo smart 8K TV is on sale ahead of Labor Day. You can save $1,200 on this TV at Samsung now.

75" Neo smart 8K TV, $5,300 (reduced from $6,500)

75" Samsung The Terrace outdoor TV: $1,620 off


Samsung's "The Terrace" classes up your outdoor space. It is leaps and bounds above the monitor you drag out to the patio and prop up on a folding table -- it's a mountable, high-end smart TV, with a QLED 4K display and a built-in speaker, that's legitimately intended for outdoor use, come rain or shine.   

"The Terrace" boasts an anti-reflective coating and is rated IP55 for protection against dust and water. That said, it's recommended you keep your TV covered and protected when not in use. 

The TV offers Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, works with A.I. assistants like Alexa, and features built-in apps for streamers like Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu. Download Samsung's SmartThings app to control the TV via your phone or device no matter where you are, and to connect the TV to your other compatible smart-home appliances.

75" Samsung The Terrace outdoor TV (partial sun), $5,000 (reduced from $6,620) 

The partial-sun model is best for use in shaded outdoor areas. If you plan to use the TV in an outdoor area with no shade, consider the full sun version for a clearer viewing experience.

75" Samsung The Terrace outdoor TV (full sun), $10,000 (reduced from $13,000)

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