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Amazon Prime member exclusive: Get a deal on a Kindle Scribe ahead of Amazon Prime Day 2

Kindle Scribe

The internet may have reduced our appreciation for printed newspapers and magazines, but many of us still find it relaxing to read books. The latest and best e-readers let you use a handheld digital device to store thousands of e-books at once, and read them at your leisure – indoors or outdoors – whether you're commuting to work, lying in bed, lounging at a beach or traveling on an airplane. 

With temperatures cooling down and fall approaching, now is an especially great time to snuggle up indoors with an e-reader and read a great book. If you don't own an e-reader, now is a great time to buy one. Amazon is offering an exclusive Prime member deal on the Kindle Scribe ahead of the retailer's Prime Big Deal Days sale.

Amazon Kindle Scribe: $265 for Prime Members (22% off)

Amazon Kindle Scribe Amazon

The Amazon Kindle Scribe is a full-featured e-book reader and audiobook/podcast player. However, it also includes a key feature that other Kindle e-readers do not -- this e-reader doubles as a digital notepad. This means you can handwrite or draw directly on the display using a stylus. Using the integrated note taking app, you're able to create custom digital notebooks, and fill them up with individual pages containing your notes or sketches. These notes are stored within the Scribe, but can easily be shared when the e-Reader is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

As you're reading, you can annotate the content of e-books with handwritten notes, or annotate PDF files transferred to the Scribe using the internet-based Send-to-Kindle feature. A "basic" stylus comes with the Scribe, but a "Premium Pen" can be purchased separately for $60. The benefit of the Premium Pen is that the top serves as a digital eraser (just like on a pencil). When not being used, the stylus attaches to the side of the Scribe using magnets. A three-month trial subscription to the Kindle Unlimited service is included, as is a USB Type-C charging cable. 

The Scribe uses a manually adjustable e-ink display that can be viewed in any lighting situation, including direct sunlight. In a dark room, the 35 integrated LEDs brighten up the screen so you're easily able to see everything displayed. With the Scribe, you get all of the features of a Kindle e-reader, combined with useful note taking tools that allow the device to be used as a versatile digital notepad.

The device is on sale for just $265 (regularly $340) for Amazon Prime members now.

Why we like the Kindle Scribe:

  • With a Microsoft 365 subscription, documents can be transferred to the Scribe directly from Microsoft Word running on an internet-connected computer or mobile device.
  • Handwritten notes can automatically be transferred into text and then stored or shared digitally.
  • Using its WI-Fi connection, any type of content can be transferred or downloaded to the Scribe, so no computer is needed.
  • You can choose between 16GB, 32GB or 64GB of internal storage.

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