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Top 5 Surprising Ways To Boost Your Energy

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NORTH TEXAS (CBS 11 NEWS) - Between work, children, and a lack of sleeping; many of us just don't have any energy left.

While eating healthy, exercising, and sleeping more will go a long ways there are some other quick and perhaps surprising (non-caffeinated) ways to boost your energy levels.

1. Drink more water – Health and fitness expert Larry North said one of the most common reasons people feel like they are lacking energy is because they are dehydrated. "Nothing will zap and suck the life out of you more than not getting enough fluids in your body," North said.
The fitness guru recommends for every one cup of coffee you drink in the morning, drink two cups of water.

2. Use blue-light or daylight light bulbs - Numerous studies show natural sunlight can boost your energy levels. You can mimic this short-wave light by replacing your light bulbs with a specialized bulbs labeled as a daylight or blue-light.

3. Eat beets - One of the best foods you can eat to increase your energy, that you may not think about, are beets. The root vegetable increases blood flow which increases nutrient delivery to your muscles. Plus, one study shows that distance runners after eating beets were able to run 5% faster.

4. Use a standing desk - Especially if you're someone who has to spend eight hours a day to your desk, you might want to try using a standing desk.
Companies like Google, Facebook, and Southwest Airlines have started offering these types of desks to their employees.
While it may be hard to quantify energy levels, one study shows people who use standing desks are 10% more productive.

5. Eat carbs - It seems these days we are inundated by the low-carb and no-carb diet trend. However, Larry North said skipping the carbohydrates all together may be a big reason you're lacking energy.
"In fact if you are really low in energy and you find yourself shaky in the middle of the day, I can almost assure you you're eating too little of carbs," he said.
North said for an idea meal he recommends dividing your plate into thirds - containing lean protein, a vegetable, and a healthy carbohydrate, such as brown rice.

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