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Texas Student-Athletes Return To Practice Fields During Coronavirus Pandemic, Summer Heat

FORT WORTH (CBSDFW.COM) - Texas student-athletes are now allowed to resume on-campus strength and conditioning workouts.

The University Interscholastic League relaxed restrictions Monday, but it doesn't mean athletes don't need to take precautions, especially if they've been less active than usual.

"Most young athletes are training and conditioning year round, so they usually don't have a big drop in conditioning," said Dr. Troy Smurawa, Director of Pediatric Sports Medicine at the Children's Health Andrews Institute. "But this period of time, I think a lot of athletes are really out of shape."

Dr. Smurawa said the extended time off can lead to injuries if the kids jump back in too fast, too soon.

"In most sports it takes about a good four to six weeks to get back into good competitive shape and conditioning, and regain those skills that you once had before all this happened," Dr. Smurawa said.

Dr. Smurawa said parents and coaches can help kids get started by setting goals, having a plan, and setting a schedule. Also, remind them to be patient!

" Don't rush through things," he said. "Know that it's going to take time and gradually build up their endurance, their strength,"

When it comes to those workouts, the UIL has laid out guidelines. Just a few of them:

- Locker rooms and showers are off limits

- During workouts a staff member must ensure social distancing, hygiene and safety measures are being implemented

- No shared food or water

- All workout areas must be disinfected throughout and at the end of the day

- Facilities will have to prescreen to make sure no one is sick

"If an athlete is sick in general, then they really shouldn't be training at that time," said Dr. Smurawa.

The doctor also suggested to remind kids to wash their hands frequently, have them wear clean clothes when they go to the workouts and change as soon as they come home, and when possible, ask them to wear a mask.


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