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North Texas Law Enforcement Disappointed In Gov. Abbott's Veto Of Domestic Violence Education Bill

NORTH TEXAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Domestic and dating violence education will not be required in Texas public schools. Governor Abbott vetoed a bill that would require it.

"There's a handful of things that happen in the career of every police officer that just kind of stick with you.. and you don't get to choose what those are," Grand Prairie Police Asst. Police Chief Ronnie Morris said.

For him, it's the murder of Christine Blubaugh.

In March of 2000, just weeks before her 17th birthday, she was killed by an ex-boyfriend who then committed suicide.

"Then you progress 20 years and I've got daughters of my own," he said. " I've seen how many untold number of teenage victims that are beaten and murdered by their boyfriends."

He said it's so prevalent that he had to do something.

This past legislative session, he authored Senate Bill 1109, filed by state senator Royce West.

It would require Texas public schools to provide age appropriate education on dating and domestic violence, teaching students how to recognize a violent relationship and where to go for help.

"Everyone knows domestic violence is a cycle so if we can get the kids before they hit that cycle and stop the cycle from occurring before it ever even starts then we're going to be well on our way to preventing domestic violence," he said.

Morris thought Gov. Abbott would sign the bill into law, but he didn't.

He rejected it because it didn't offer parents a choice in opting out.

"I was actually stunned to say the least that the governor vetoed this bill that had such overwhelming bipartisan support," he said. "This legislation is about as non-political and non-controversial as you can possibly get."

Irving Police Chief Jeff Spivey agrees.

"We would just like to sit down and have those conversations with him and his staff," he said. "The only way we can do that is to get it back on the agenda for the special session."

"I'm calling on Gov. Abbott to place this legislation on his special session and let's protect kids now.. and not in two years," Morris said.

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