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Ride Closed After 10-Year-Old Flies Off Waterslide In California

DUBLIN, Calif. (CBS NEWS) - A boy fell off a slide at a water park that just opened Saturday in Dublin, California.

Video shows the boy hydroplaning with the arch of his back sliding along the rim of the ride known as the Emerald Plunge. The 10-year-old suffered scratches on his back and shoulder but was otherwise okay. His parents took him to a nearby hospital.

After the accident, the park known as The Wave shut down the three-story slide. Staff members are working with officials from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to investigate the problem.

"We have a maintenance person from the installer coming out right now, to check that piece of equipment with us, and make sure that everything is operating as per the guides," said Jim Rodems, Director of Parks and Community Services. "So, we'll make sure it's safe before we turn it back on."

While the Emerald Plunge slide, under different names, is individually built for each water park it is installed at, it isn't unique. An officials said, "This is not a custom slide made for the City of Dublin. This is a slide that's sort of an 'off-the-shelf' slide."

Officials said the park's slides were tested extensively before the park opened. As for the Emerald Plunge, workers are considering an increase in water pressure to slow riders down.

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