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Record July Cold Today & Saturday

It's hard to believe that we were in the triple digits to start this week and as we end it, we're experiencing record cool for July in North Texas.  We first set a temperature record on Thursday for the coolest high temp on that date (79°) and then this morning we set a new record low at DFW.

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Temperatures this cool in July are rare, especially for more than a day.  Assuming we stay in the 70s for highs on Friday, this will be the first time in 52 years that the high temp for two consecutive July days stayed in the 70s.  We're also expecting another record low tomorrow morning at DFW.

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In fact, it should be in the 60s for most of the Metroplex again Saturday morning, with partly cloudy skies and a light wind.  Take advantage!!

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The typical heat pump high pressure system that we see this time of year has been absent since the jet stream took the polar plunge earlier this week.  That high pressure will establish itself back over the southwestern U.S. by next week, and that means we'll be back to reality with highs in the 90s.

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Saturday will be an OZONE ACTION DAY for the DFW area.  Ground-level ozone is a pollutant and can cause irritation to those who suffer from existing respiratory issues.  We will see more of these during the summer on days with lots of sunshine and light winds.



We'll have one more relatively cool day on Saturday before we're back to the summertime heat next week.

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