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Recall Election Set For November For Embattled Plano Councilman

PLANO, Texas (CBSDFW.COM)Enough signatures have been gathered to recall a Plano city councilman who shared a Facebook post some considered to be Islamophobic.

The recall election has been set for November.

Many speakers came to Plano City Hall Monday night to speak against and in favor of City Councilman Tom Harrison.

Tom Harrison
Plano city councilman Tom Harrison. (CBS11)

As the city attorney explained, city council has a duty to accept the petition by law.

Harrison says he will request a public hearing to make his case to the voters of Plano. He is entitled to the hearing under the Plano city charter.

At the city council meeting, the Plano city attorney explained that because enough signatures have been gathered, the city cannot refuse a recall election.

Last week, some 4,400 signatures gathered by a citizens group, Our Plano, One Plano were turned over to the city.

The city wouldn't say how many were valid, just that there were more than the 2,800 required for the recall election.

In February, a since-deleted post on Harrison's Facebook page showed Muslim children in class and the message: "Share if you think Trump should ban Islam in American schools."

Harrison could resign, but he says he has no intention of that.

"I was elected by 60 percent of the people...the voters in Plano," said Harrison. "I promised I'd finish my stint and that's what I'm doing... I think the people know that I made a promise and I kept all my promises."

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