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Police Believe Gunman Randomly Fired At Teen On Bike And At SUV In Allen

ALLEN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) - Police in Allen are searching for a suspect who they believe randomly shot a teenager on his bike and at an SUV Monday afternoon.

Police said the shootings happened in the 1400 block of South Allen Heights Drive. Chris Del Cid Vasquez, 19, was shot in the arm and leg while he was riding his bike.

Police are still unsure where the gunshots came from but believe the gunman may have been driving during the incident. Police are also looking for more witnesses who may have seen any possible suspects.

Vasquez appeared to be in good spirits as he talked to CBS 11 News about the incident. He had a slight limp Tuesday from a bullet that went through his calf, and he also had a bandage on his arm.

"I felt it and it kinda moved me a little bit and I looked down and I heard the shots. So I jumped, I immediately threw the bike, jumped off the bike and ran straight across the field, like a small brush field, to the nearest house," Vasquez said.

He said he remembers seeing a Chevy Avalanche pickup truck behind him as he looked for help.

According to police, a driver of an SUV said a bullet struck one of his doors during the shooting. There were no injuries in that SUV.

Police said that driver reported seeing the same pickup truck in the area.

"We talked to people who were in the area. They didn't necessarily see it but they heard it. They said there was one shot, and then there was a pause, and then there was four shots rapidly," Jon Felty with the Allen Police Department said.

Allen police are hoping they can find witnesses who saw the same pickup truck and that it could hopefully lead them to the gunman.

"I'm sure there's a reason for this. Maybe, I don't know... I'm mad, confused, angry, I don't know why it happened. But farther down the line, I'll figure it out. Figure out the reason," Vasquez said.

Police said there appears to be no connection between Vasquez and the driver of the SUV that was shot at.


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