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Pair Of Stray Dogs Bite 12-Year-Old In Plano

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PLANO (CBSDFW.COM) - A pair of stray dogs authorities say are responsible for multiple attacks during the last six months have struck again. And this time, a little boy coming home from school was the victim.

The dogs were seen roaming neighborhoods across a 16-square mile area, but every time someone sees them, the animals manage to escape in between homes and disappear.

Eli Pavey,12, was the latest person bit by the loose dogs.

His mom said she couldn't look at the photos of her son's wounds.

"He said he was walking, and he saw the dogs, and he didn't think anything of it, and then the dogs started coming towards him at a fast pace and barking, so he starts running with his backpack," Tiffany Pavey said.

After Eli's dad took him to the hospital, Tiffany Pavey found the dogs nearby and waited with them hoping to guide animal control officers to them.

"It was seriously kind of eerie because the one that bit my son looked back at me, made eye contact, and then kind of walked away, and I thought, okay these guys know what they're doing," Pavey said.

Photos of what looks like a Blue Heeler and its mixed-breed companion match descriptions of a pair of stray dogs reported more than 30 times all across Plano in the last six months. Animal Services Director Jamey Cantrell sid the dogs don't seem overly aggressive, and are just acting on instinct.

"It is very consistent with what they were bred to do whenever they see something running, they run up and bite it on the back of the legs, and unfortunately human legs aren't as tough as cattle legs," Cantrell said.

Cantrell urges anyone who sees the dogs to call animal services immediately for the safety of the animals and anyone nearby.

"We all just kind of need to be careful even around our own homes. Like we know our way around our own home, but those dogs could be there, so it's not just kiddos or people jogging," Pavey said.

The animal services director cautioned people who find themselves near stray dogs not to run because that will trigger their instinct to chase you. He said to back away from them, and try to keep them in sight, so you can report them to animal control officers.

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