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Occupy Dallas Protestors Arrested After Bank Blockade

DALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) - Twenty-three Occupy Dallas protestors were arrested Saturday afternoon for criminal trespassing after a group blockaded the entrance to a Chase Bank branch at Main and Akard Streets downtown.

Fifty protestors were outside the bank at about 2 p.m., some of whom were locking arms and blocking the entrance to the bank.

Despite several police warnings, they refused to move. Police blocked traffic in the area, brought in vans and plastic handcuffs and approached the group.

The officers then used force to remove the protestors.

Some protestors resisted and officers carried them to a police van. According to a city of Dallas statement, one officer suffered minor injuries to his leg.

Others in the group who were present but not participating in the bank protest were screaming at police, chanting and taunting them, YouTube videos show.

After police arrested the bank protestors, officers monitored the remaining members of the group for a while until the protestors left.

It's believed to be the first clash between protestors and police since the group began its demonstrations earlier this month.

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